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LSP50 Tablet Press
Product Detail:
Single punch tablet machine have absorbed foreign advanced      technology to aid in its developing. It is a continuous, automatic tablet machine that is designed for departments such as pharmacy, chemical industry, electrical industry, food, laboratory which needs to make powder, and granular raw material into tablets.
Its advantage is: The machine structure is rational and small, it's very easy to operate, and it operates at a high utilization ratio. The machine is capable of utilize a high amount of pressure to reduce the weight difference between the tablets while maintaining a low noise level. The machine also provides a continuous control over the loading of the raw materials, and the thickness of tablet. Each and every function of this machine can be compared favorably with the imported machines 

Functional Parameter:
This machine has adopted multiple novelty in its design, thus guaranteed safety and efficiency during the production process.
1.Entirely enclosed structure of the machine is design to avoid cross dust pollution, meet the GMP.
2.The Machine has safety protector installed, is also more rationally humanized.
3.Four posts cuboids structure of the machine is designed for larger operation space.
4.Outstanding carry capacity is suitable for variety range of the tablet production.
5.Single transmission system design makes the machine operates steadier and at a lower noise level.

Main technical specifications:
Stations Number (set) 1 2 3
Maximum Tablet Diameter (mm) 25 10 7
Output (tablets/min) 60 120 180
Maximum Pressure (KN) 50
Deep of Fill (mm) 20
Upper Punch Penetration (mm) 0.5-8
Electrical 220V 50Hz 1.5KW/110V 60Hz
Dimensions(mm) 580*500*830
Net Weight(kg) 185


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