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PG High Speed Double Slide Tablet Press
Adopt precise screw rod continuous slant supporting framework, precisely control feeding cam, which can control 7-11 punches & die, weight difference between ±2%。 Adopt non-handwheel operation system, originated first in China, accurate, easy and quick operation.

Moulde design, which is easy to assembly and disassembly the punches & die

Four sets of independent lubrication system,which make every parts lubrication more precise.

Adopt arm pressure function. pressurized quick and big torque

Double transmission ,big torsional movement, high loading ability, the main power is only 7.5KW

Lengthen the ration cam, which increase the number of controlled punches & die, tablet weight more precise. 

Multi-layer three quants forced feeding device ,material filling more uniformity
Technical Parameters:
Model PG-45 PG-55 PG-69 PG-75
Punch&die type(EU) D B BB BB
Number of press station 45 55 69 75
Max tablet diameter(mm) 25 16 13 13
Max abnormal prolate  axis size(mm) 25 18 16 16
Max output(Tablet/h) 390000 470000 580000 630000
Max filling depth 20 18 18 18
Max main pressure(KN) 100 100 100 100
Max Pre Preesure(KN) 20 20 20 20
Idle load noise dB(A) <75
Power 380, 50hz 10.5-13kw
Size L*W*H(MM) 1260*1260*1950
Weight(kg) 3750
Double-layer tablet or ring tablet function(for your choice)


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